Behind The Coin: Viacoin $VIA

What would happen if you were to attempt to combine all of the great things about the top coins, into one cryptocurrency. While the idea may sound too good to be true, one blockchain company, Viacoin ($VIA), is making a legitimate run at creating a coin that can take on an abundance of tasks that would make the need for many coins, obsolete.


Viacoin was founded in July of 2014 by BTCdrak after doing a fork of Bitcoin. Peter Todd, a Bitcoin core developer was later added to the team as Chief Scientist and Adviser. In the fall of 2016, Romano took over the project as the lead developer. Even though he was only 21 at the time, his vision for Viacoin has helped the coin achieve many successes in a wide variety of cryptocurrency fields. While not a ton is known about Romano, he is an active member on Twitter, and can be followed here: Romano Twitter

For those not familiar with Viacoin, the team is not your typical LinkedIn-style professional group, that boasts personal bios and resumes. Instead you’re greeted to a few anime pics, code names and a few resource links. Large teams with a “who’s who” of business, development, marketing, and advisers are normally a big ticket item for me, but Viacoin is one of the rare companies that gets a pass. If you look at the amazing development this team has done, and the accomplishments in many areas within the blockchain protocol, you’ll see why I am a fan of the future of this coin.


If you’re looking for one of the most diverse coins on the market, you’ve come to the right place. Viacoin is a Scrypt based, Proof of Work cryptocurrency. While the minting of the coin is almost complete, this PoW allows for merged mining, so that while mining Viacoin, you can also mine coins like Litecoin simultaneously. Viacon offers fast speeds of 24 blocks per second thanks to the implantation of the Lightning Network.

Viacoin is also working on completion of their Merkelized Abstract Syntax Trees (MAST) which will allow for smart contract creation. This protocol ran on the Via blockchain will help with fast speeds and low costs. As platform coins like Ethereum struggle with scalabilty and a clogged network, blockchains that are able to produce faster speeds are going to be in high demand.

A few other major development notes for Viacoin is their anonymous atomic payment hub known as “Styx.” This protocol will allow for participants to make payments anonymously and help prevent theft in the process. Viacoin has also completed an atomic swap with Litecoin and Decred. If you’re not familiar with atomic swap, what this allows Viacoin users to do, is use a platform to swap Viacoin for these other coins, without using an exchange. The ability to do swaps without an exchange is going to be pivotal in the future of cryptocurrency.

Viacoin’s development successes and plans for the future are second to none. If you are a fan of blockchain capabilities and want to learn more about what Viacoin has completed and plans for their future, I recommend you check out their Github (linked below) for white papers and information regarding development. Here is Viacoins road map for 2018’s blockchain development:

Viacoin Price:

At the time of this blog, $VIA was trading at $1.38, with a max supply of 23,176,392 and circulating supply of 23,009,813 coins. Its previous ATH was $7.05, with a low supply and versatile use cases, expect 2018 to bring new all time high prices for this coin.


Viacoin is an absolute sleeper of a pick. Their current market rank of #215 doesn’t accurately portray the team and companies success, and instead, focuses more on how committed they are on developing a great product, with sales and marketing being an afterthought. With what they have been able to build, and the goals they have for the future with this coin, if you gave them the business tools and marketing team of any top 100 coin they could easily jump into the top 20 in no time, and with more and more coins being exposed as limited or out dated, don’t be surprised to see Viacoin as one of the few coins to be around years down the road.

Viacoin Resources:


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