Coin Recap: EOS.IO. $EOS

EOS is one of those tokens that just has the utmost potential to exceed many expectations in this industry. This blockchain platform is for development of decentralized applications, also known as dapps, fairly similar to what Ethereum provides. EOS is using the Ethereum platform to develop EOS.IO on, which makes it and ERC-20 compatible token. They provide an easy dapp development by creating a operating system set of services and functions that dapps can make use of. The thought behind EOS is to unite the best features and guarantees of the various smart contract technologies out there into a single simplistic use. A massive scalable dapplication platform for the ordinary client to engage the blockchain economy.

Team and Community

As you start to dive into this project and the team it provides, you really start to uncover just how much talent and experience is behind it. The idea of EOS comes from Brendan Blumer, who is an internet entrepreneur in Hong Kong and Dan Larimer. Larimer is the co-founder of both Bitshares and Steemit. Both individuals give some serious experience in the crypto world and have been openly dynamic in advancing the innovation of cryptocurrency as we know it. The EOS project has been developed by a company called Block One, which is also being led by Blumer and Larimer.

The Community that supports EOS is a very broad and global community with thousands of investors and contributors alike. They continue to hold various “Meetups” where a vast majority of the community gets together and spreads knowledge, updates, and future project ahead for EOS. China is also the country that has the biggest EOS.IO community.


EOS.IO has claimed to be the most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications. They created this software stating it was going to be the “dawn” of a new era of blockchain computing, and also that it could be used with distributed network configurations. One of the most interesting features EOS.IO has to offer is that its latest architectural software makes it easier and quicker to build parallel applications that communicate with each other. Also, new changes to the platform can be implemented without using a hardfork. A lot of problems that are trying to be fixed on other blockchains, are already solved on the EOS.IO platform. Some of these problems consist of; Username addresses, resolution support, 1 million transactions, mulit-blockchain, fork implementation, and asynchronous smart contracts (smart contracts that can complete more tasks autonomously). The multi-blockchain platform that will preform as an operation system for future enterprise level dapps.

EOS makes it easy to build web-apps on the blockchain without having to learn any new technology. The website developers can use EOS.IO to effectively and efficiently build platforms for the blockchain, an example of this is Steem and Steemit. Daniel Larimer has successfully launched 2 of the top 3 used blockchains in the world (Steem and BitShares). They also have a very interesting token distribution system, that allows contributors to be at an advantage with EOS Tokens.


The roadmap for EOS.IO is very diverse and straight to the point structure that gets its message across to anyone interested. The EOS team is right in line with the roadmap that was created in 2017, and they continue to work hard towards the development with tremendous speed. The roadmap consist for 5 different phases, currently we are in phase 3 with a lot more to come in the near future. With the EOS project mainnet set to launch on the 1st of June 2018, this summer could be a breakout year of the platform. Below is a link that will provide details of the different phases and what has been accomplished thus far.

Technical Analysis

When it comes to breaking down the technical analysis for EOS, the chart is one of the strongest patterns that I have seen. It bounces perfectly off of support levels which makes it a fairly easy chart to read. Below is a chart that will explain where the support zones are and where the dips bounced off of. First support zone was at 20,000 sats, next is 40,000 sats, third zone is 55,000 sats and finally we are in a support zone right now of 65,000 sats. With the past history of this chart I believe we will see it catch support round the 65k sats area and bounce to make new highs, which it has continued to do so since October of 2017. We are in a “Buy Zone” for me so I have personally taken some positions on $EOS right now due to its chart pattern. We are never going to catch the exact bottom of a dip, this is why we have specific zones and target buy areas. Overall, this chart is very beautiful and if it continues to bounce off support we will see another leg up here shortly.

Final Thoughts

EOS.IO is really going to be a breakout platform in the summer of 2018 in my opinion. I see nothing but positive news, that comes along with this token. With the merging of Dawn2.x and Dawn 3.0 in the near future, I see nothing short of extraordinary. The fact that so many people are comparing Ethereum to EOS.IO should prove just how affective this token is going to be. Not only will it be compared to ETH but with such ambitions projects on the way, I see it surpassing Ethereum and becoming the most dominate decentralized application platform.

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