ICO Review: Signals $SGN

When the cryptocurrency market started to take off in December 2017, the interest in Technical Analysis (TA) really began to pick up online. Youtube and Twitter became a hotbed for new investors to find a TA guru who would offer up advice and knowledge. The growing interest in crypto TA seems to be at an all time high, especially with the market being so volatile and full of opportunities to make the right trades for profit. So what better time for a blockchain ICO that specializes in TA, trading and payment via cryptocurrency to make its way on to the scene? Signals Network (Signals $SGN), an ICO based out of Prague, has created a new, innovative platform, that offers trading strategies driven by machine learning along with copytrading, so that you can trade a long some of your favorite TA experts in real time, with a system that makes it easy for any level of trading experience.

Signals Company:

One of my biggest concerns with ICO’s is the team members attached to the project, or better yet, the lack thereof. It is always a task to search out who is on the team and what kind of background do they have that should give me the confidence as an investor that they will be able to finish out the project. Signals is one of the few times I have been overly impressed with the cast of team members. In fact, it was the first thing I looked for when I first heard of this ICO. When I hear the words, “Machine Learning” it’s important to me to know what kind of education and experience this company has, to pull off this type of project, and in yet another rare ICO moment, I was able to find every members Linkedin profile right on their website. A quick glance through and you will see why the team is so impressive: Data Scientist, Machine Learning Specialist, Cryptography and Security Experts. These are the types of resumes you want to see when dealing with a project that is heavily built on algorithmic trading.

Signals Development:

This is the part that could lose a lot of people who aren’t very familiar with machine learning and algorithms in trading so I will keep what Signals does as simple as possible. There is two parts to Signals that impresses me the most. The first part is Signals being able to have a platform which will offer up crypto trading algorithms to help investors maximize their ability to make smarter trades. What’s great about this is their goal to build it for the most complex trader or someone who has zero experience. Making it a user friendly platform for all levels to use. The second part and what I feel will really make this is a success, is the ability to have copytrading, where you can have a top level TA expert setting up his trading strategies in real time, where you can pay a fee to them via $SGN to copy their trades.This opens up a great new market and opportunity for both sides of trading. The User Interface (UI) is hands down a fantastic feature of Signals. The best way I can explain it would be if TradingView met Godaddy Website builder. You can customize your trading strategies to how you like to trade, without needing any type of coding or web development experience. I recommend to everyone to check out their Alpha version of their Signals trading system on their website to see how user friendly it is.

ICO Tokens:

The $SGN Token Sale starts on March 12, 2018, at 14:00 UTC. Per the usual, it is not allowed to anyone in the US, but those in qualifying countries can still sign up for the token sale via Signals Token Sale It is a standard KYC (Know Your Customer) to get signed up. They are an ERC-20 token so you will have to use an Ethereum wallet to pay for tokens. Their total supply is 185,000,000 tokens, so relatively low total supply should peak the interest of many investors. The site also goes over the token sale terms to know of how they plan on managing token sales.

Overall Thoughts:

I was initially presented with the whitepaper by AltOne_Crypto who offers up some of the best TA charts on Twitter to see if this project could offer up some value to traders. Having looked over the whitepaper, team and roadmap, it seemed clear that this ICO has a ton of potential for both investors and users of the product. And that is one of the things I liked most about this project as it gives an immediate use case scenario with the tokens. You are using them for building your own platform, copytrading with successful TA’s, and earning them from people who are using your strategies. So this token immediately has a usable case when the program goes live. I believe with the growing popularity of TA on social media (A quick look at how many followers some of the top analyst have like CryptoChoe or PhilakoneCrypto will show you how popular TA on social media really is) I believe a platform like this stands to be successful as cryptocurrency continues to grow. Investors are constantly looking for an advantage when it comes to trading, and a blockchain company like Signals will offer up many opportunities for investors who are trading on their platform as well as those looking to invest in a solid company.

Signals Network Resources:


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  1. I feel organisation such as Signals can also manipulate traders to invest in certain crypto on any given point of time. Why should people trust them to give fair trading advice. Please share your thoughts.


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