Coin Recap: $POE was one of those companies that just really interested me for the type of technology they have to offer.  POE is another coin or token that really broke out during the end of 2017, beginning for 2018.  A lot of different factors make great in my opinion and I want to spread my thoughts of this new technology to others so that you can become knowledgable on this great product they are offering.  Lately, hasn’t been in the spotlight but I think this will be one of the most underrated tokens in the cryptocurrency market. They are based off of Ethereum’s decentralized ledger so they are considered “Ethereum Standard Tokens” or “ERC-20” Tokens.  For the record, $POE is not considered an altcoin or coin, its a token. Team

This team has many vigorous assets and includes very capable and and diverse individuals.  They are developing a program where you can maintain the value of your written or digital content for the creative community.  The CEO, Jarrod Dicker, was VP of innovation and commercial strategy at The Washington Post.  The core team consist of Lautaro Dragan (Technical Lead), Max Bronstein (Media & Strategy Lead), Pat Riley (Product Design), Jeremy Kandah (Strategy Director), Elliot Feeny (community Relations), Justin Litchfield (Product Development), Chris Zhou (Asia Pacific) and Walter Salazar (Developer).  They also consists of some big name board advisors around he digital currency community. Development is a blockchain-based platform designed for the management of ownership, attribution and licensing of digital media assets.  The plan that this company has, really excites me for many reasons. First off, Ethereum runs the infrastructure for’s smart contracts and tokens.  They have what’s called a open-source universal ledger that tracks ownership so your content can’t be posted elsewhere, without you gaining a chain of value for it.   This development to me, is huge because we no longer will have plagiarism or copywriting, where individuals are getting ripped off of their content without getting some sort of incentive or pay for it.  Since we are content creators here on Simple Crypto, is definitely a token that stands out to me because we can use it in the future for timestamps and authentication purposes.  The core technology that has to offer is proof of existence.  The platform is designed for authorization and distribution of digital assets, so they strive to bring a universal ledger for things such as videos, texts, pictures, etc. The roadmap that provides is one like I’ve never seen, it has such detailing going all the way to April of 2020.

Here is a link to the official website roadmap so you can go over it in depth.  They provide the history and future vision for along with breaking it down into 3 different era’s; The Rosetta Era, The Guttenburg Era, and The Alexandria Era.  What they have in store for the future is quiet interesting to say the least.

I wanted to give a quick and easy example and how the platform will work and operate for creators of all sorts.  Lets just use the example of something simple like a picture or photo that you took.  Say you are a professional photographer and you are a user of the platform, you can register your photos so that they are not only immutable but time stamped as well.   You will also have the benefit to create a license so that other individuals can use it.  Anybody that wants to use your photo will have to buy the license from you off of the platform.  Again, this is a VERY basic example of what it can provide, this can be used for all sorts of digital assets and content creations.

Technical Analysis’s chart to me, looks like a regular breakout token or altcoin chart that all ran around the same time.  The long-term TA on most of these coins or token are strikingly similar, right now most of them are in a bull flag pattern or bullish pennant.  Volume once again always seems to be a factor but with the road map these guys have coming up, I think volume can come pouring in possibly in the third era of the roadmap, Alexandria.  The chart still looks very healthy to me and we could see a possible cup n handle pattern forming.  Support looks to be found in the 500 sats area, so if it comes back down to those lows that would be another great time for addition scaling.




Other then the low volume, I really only have 1 other concern, and that is competition in the market with companies that are using blockchain for digital media assets.  I’ve seen a few other models that are a form of what is trying to do, but they are completely different.  Kodak recently put out a PR that had similar licensing of media assets like pictures.  Publica is another platform that can give some competition but their goals are very different and wouldn’t resolve the issue of content licensing and proof of existence like is seeking to accomplish.  Below, there is a picture that can put into perspective of what is trying to accomplish.


Final Thoughts

All together I really like what these guys have to offer, I think that they have a very unique and diverse group of individuals coming together to create something for the first time on the blockchain.  With how much this company has coming up, I don’t really see it going anywhere but up.  Also, the strong advisory board they have acquired makes me confident that this is a token that will be around for a long time. seems to be taking the first step towards make the world of independent content better, with techonolgy they can set forth a model that will benefit creators, publishers, and platforms across the world.

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