Crypto Resources 2

I’ve received these questions quite a lot during my journey with trading cryptocurrencies, so I wanted to just make a quick post on a lot of different resources you can use to learn and gain knowledge from.  I can sit here and try and explain to you guys what “Blockchain” is, or “decentralized digit currency”, but I think it’s best you learn for yourself, just like I did.


1) “The Age of Cryptocurrency: How Bitcoin and the Blockchain Are Challenging the Global Economic Order,” by Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey

2) “Cryptocurrency Investing Bible,” by Alan T. Norman

3) “Blockchain,” by Alan Wright

These were the five books that I had purchased and read before I ever got started investing my money into any digital currency out there.  It really gives you a solid base on figuring out what blockchain is and how cryptocurrency is revolutionizing the way the world works. You can also use the app Audible, and get audio books as well.  Another huge tool that will help you learn and follow the world of crypto is Twitter.  Twitter will teach you so much about what the community is watching and what people really think of the coins.  There is a lot of noise on Twitter, so you really have to make sure you are following trustworthy individuals with content that values what you are seeking.  Some quality individuals I follow are:














Again, everyone has personal preference of what they want to see on Twitter, these are just some of the important content individuals that I like to see everyday.  I also use various different sites to gather information about different coins, and they are:


Another strong resource I can use for information about cryptocurrency is Podcasts, I highly recommend that you listen to a podcast anytime you get.  They can be SO informational and you can literally listen to headphones all day; in the car, on a walk, running, doing dishes, laying in bed, getting ready, at work (sometimes).  You have no excuse to not listen to a podcast and they can be so beneficial.  Podcasts are for sure my favorite way to learn and keeping updated with news in the crypto world.  Some of the ones I listen to daily and learned a lot of what I know today from are:


Invest Like The Best : Hosted by Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Unchained : Hosted by Laura Shin

Coin Mastery : Hosted by Carter Thomas

Bitcoin Uncensored : Hosted by Chris DeRose and Joshua Unseth

The Bad Crypto Podcast : Hosted by Travis Wright and Joel Comm

Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto Podcast : Hosted by Alex Merced

Blockchain Insider by 11:FS : Hosted by Simon Taylor and Colin Platt

Chat With Traders : Hosted by Aaron Fifield

Crypto 101 : Hosted by Matthew Aaron

These are the many ways you can find various different resources about digital currency and really dial in on what you want to learn.  This industry is so new and different doing as much as possible each an every day is very important.  You need to stay on top of recent news and make sure are continue to grow each and everyday!!

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