New to Crypto: Where to Start?

If you are new, and want to start investing/trading in cryptocurrency, my biggest advice to you is; be patient and do your research.  Everyone wants to jump in and throw their hard earned money at any cryptocurrency coin that is moving at the moment, but I find it more beneficial to take your time, research the coins, understand what the company is doing or trying to accomplish and take a very systematic approach to your trading or investing.

We are living in an era where almost anything you want to know is at your fingertips via the Internet.  You have to take advantage of all the resources you are given with a single Wi-Fi connection to any device.

The first thing I would do is create a Twitter account. Twitter is one of the most underrated stock market and cryptocurrency tools to use.  Everyone has a Twitter account, and by everyone, I mean EVERYONE; big time hedge fund managers, cryptocurrency companies, creators of these companies, successful day traders and successful investors.  The list goes on and on so with a little bit of research Twitter can be a very strong tool in your arsenal.  Secondly, I would search for more information about the cryptocurrency you want to buy coins from.  A simple Google search will help find any information you are looking for these days. is another website I use on a daily bases for live streaming data.

Cryptocurrency is such a complex subject that even listening to podcasts everyday will slowly grow your knowledge and keep you wanting more.   DO NOT be lazy when it comes to doing research, make sure you have all your bases covered.  Also, I highly suggest that you research every single day because the cryptocurrency markets are very aggressive and volatile, so things change frequently.

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