Where To Buy Bitcoin


Buying Bitcoin is becoming easier each and every day, but believe it or not I still get questions from individuals asking where to purchase this cryptocurrency.  We have a number of options to choose from, you just need to figure out what works best for your circumstances.

Now, exchanges you are able to buy Bitcoin from, are located all over the world and there are hundreds of different websites or “exchanges” you can purchase Bitcoin from.  Again, I want to keep this very basic for everyone so I am only going to talk about a few exchanges out there and then at the end I will post a link that allows you to look at 40+ different websites (exchanges) you can purchase bitcoin from.  Some exchanges are unregulated, so before you buy any cryptocurrency I suggest you do your research and if you have any questions feel free to message Brad or myself.

Three big exchanges located in America are Coinbase, Poloniex and GDAX.  I have purchased Bitcoin from all three, but I do want to say that Coinbase is my personal favorite. They simplify it so that anyone can maneuver through their website and make a purchase order.  If you are new and ready to purchase your bitcoin, I do suggest that you use an exchange that is located in the United States, but as I said above, you need to figure out what works best for your situation.  These exchanges will all have transaction fees that vary so make sure you understand what you will be charged.

Also, I want to add that this is for the purchase of Bitcoin NOT altcoins.  Buying altcoins is a little bit of a different process so I want everyone to understand how and where to buy Bitcoin from; I will be explaining the purchase of altcoins in the near future.  But for now please feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback you may have about where to buy Bitcoin.


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