Github: An Underrated Tool for Investing

One of the most underrated tools for investing in cryptocurrency is the use of Github. is a web based hosting service, that can allow companies and developers to showcase, review and build their open source code for projects they are working on. In simple terms, this is where the technical part of the company or coin can be seen.

Now, at first glance, some of the things you will see in Github may be overwhelming, especially if you do not have any experience in coding or development. And while alot of the material posted may not do you any good in deciding on your investments, there are times that it can come in handy. A companies activity or inactivity can be a sign of how much they are progressing with the technical side of their platform, especially if they have made an emphasis to the community to add their Github as a resource to check in on.

To be truly successful in cryptocurrency it is extremely important to become as educated as you can with the technical side of things. Announcements of partnerships, great road maps, amazing teams, all are great, but without growth on the development end, it’s just a plan; and your investment or decisions to trade, could be missing a great resource in making you successful.

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